Want to grow your business? Talk to more strangers .

Last week I had two interactions that really resonated with me and reaffirmed what I already know. I wanted to share this with you today because it’s something that I think so many entrepreneurs are still getting wrong. 


Here is the biggest takeaway I want you to get from me today:


The growth of your business is in direct proportion to the number of strangers you talk to every day. 


If you’d rather watch than read, here’s the short video of this post on LinkedIn.

Stop and think about that for a second, because I know most of you are already thinking, “Yeah right — like I have any free time to start chatting with strangers.”


I get it, I do. We’re all busy. We all need to protect our time because it’s our most valuable asset. But here’s the thing. I’ve seen it time and time again. What’s the ONE thing that sets the people who are successful with cold outreach apart from those who aren’t? It’s networking. It’s talking to strangers and building relationships. 


If you’re in a growth spot, talk to as many people as you can. Because as soon as you start to see people as an ends in themselves, everything will change.


Mark Manson said it best — something along the lines of, “See everyone as an ends, and not a means to an ends.”


If you only spend your time speaking with people you believe might buy something from you in the near future, you’re missing out on so much opportunity. You don’t need to know where every interaction is going to go. 



I’m the CEO of my company and my role is primarily business development and sales. I spend all day talking to people, day after day. It’s what I do. We help other agencies with business development and lead generation and the funny thing is that I get pitched all the time by people who sell the exact same services as I do. I still get on the phone with them. Why? Because maybe there’s a potential to collaborate or joint venture. Maybe they can teach me something. Maybe I can teach them something. Maybe our offerings seem the same on the surface but are actually quite different once you dig in. Maybe we can help each other, maybe we can’t. How would I find any of this out if I don’t take 30-minutes to talk to them? 


Even if I can’t help this person, maybe I know someone who can. It’s all about being of service. If you approach every interaction with a spirit of how YOU can be helpful, everything changes. So get on the phone and talk to people. Find out what people are all about. Get to know them. You don’t need to get a sale out of every conversation for it to be a productive use of your time. 


Want to grow your business? Talk to more strangers. Stop treating people as a means to an end, and start seeing people as an ends in themselves. It’s really that simple.


Watch the video of this post on LinkedIn here.

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