The Two-Pronged Approach to Growing an Agency

The Internet has created a world of opportunity for entrepreneurs and marketers. “Getting your message out there” used to depend largely on money: companies with the budget to take out ads succeeded, while those with limited financial resources generally had a much more limited scope of possibilities. Nowadays, the most important resource for lots of young online companies is not capital — it’s human time and talent.

The platforms, communities, and tools needed to succeed are all out there waiting on the web, it’s simply a matter of using them wisely. And this is the challenge that we’d like to address in this article. The “two-pronged approach” to growth is a powerful strategy for ensuring that your company takes full advantage of the opportunities available to you.

Challenges Facing New Businesses Today

Most new online agencies or SaaS companies struggle with similar barriers, regardless of how much talent or hard work is put in. High churn rate is one such issue facing new businesses today — that is to say, customer turnover, which should remain steady even as customer growth increases. For many new businesses, keeping customers around can be difficult, and often times a lack of focus on clients can result in significant losses. Churn rate may not be entirely in a business owners control; customer priority can change, company clients may go out of business themselves, or your product may become unnecessary for a client. However, outside of uncontrollable factors, high churn rate is often due to poor customer service and badly managed customer support.

Another issue facing new marketing agencies and SaaS companies lies in the product or service they are attempting to market. If you can’t identify and solve the issues your customers truly care about, ongoing success will be impossible to attain. Because all aspects of a company are interconnected, an unsuccessful product launch, unsuccessful marketing, unsuccessful sales methodology, etc. tend to compound very quickly. Developing a certain form of “self-awareness” as an organization is crucial to help ensure that problems are fixed before they add up and do serious harm to your long-term prospects.

How to Overcome These Challenges

To build and scale an agency, you need to focus on delivering an incredible product and growing your sales. One of the best methods for doing so is a two-pronged approach that we mentioned earlier in this article. In this method, one person is given the responsibility of focusing solely on delivering client work, engaging with customers, ensuring their needs are met, and so on. The other “prong” is designated for growth. This means the other person focuses completely on making sales, ensuring the product is well-marketed, etc. As the business grows, the person who leads the client-facing prong of the company can build a team that allows the company to scale — and the person leading the market/sales-facing prong in the company can grow their sales team, as well.

Tips for Improving Client Outreach

One of the most challenging aspects of this is outreach. Marketing your business and appealing to both new and existing clients can be difficult, especially considering the infinite outreach methods available. Some of the best methods for finding clients are as follows:

Social Content

Social content refers specifically to content marketing via social media, which essentially can be used as free advertising channels. Social content is an excellent way to connect more closely and personally to your consumer base, be it via blog posts, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts.  However, the big opportunity in social is usually missed. Targeted relevant content is a must, but many companies are missing out because they are not actively engaging with the people they want to serve. It stands out when a person reaches out with a thoughtful message on a post and is a great way to build authority and generation conversations with your audience. The other part is social is reciprocal. If you want to be the authority engaging and building relationships with other authorities will lead to them engaging your content.


More traditional methods of advertising (as opposed to creating social media content) are tried and true, and while they may seem somewhat outdated for newer tech companies to take advantage of, they can yield impressive results. With proper strategy Adwords and Facebook can be massive levers for a company to jump-start sales and fill their funnel with leads.

Cold Email or Outbound Marketing.

Regardless of your stage outbound marketing is an incredibly powerful tool that many businesses are not taking advantage of.  In the current environment, there is a trend to avoid this kind of marketing favoring inbound methods instead. At Sled Dog Media we have found that cold outreach is one of the best ways to get direct feedback and spark real conversations and land new clients. It comes down to research, good messaging and intent. 

We’ve become experts at developing sales systems for agencies. If you are looking to jump-start your companies sales while focusing on delivering incredible work to your clients see if you qualify for one of our programs today.

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