Marketing Agency

Outbound sales system

A full-service marketing agency came to us for lead generation. They found themselves in a common situation where their referral base had dried up and whenever they switched into sales they felt they had to stop focusing on delivery for their clients.


  • Develop evergreen sales system
  • Improve close rate
  • Increase sales without affecting delivery to existing clients

Sled Dog Media took over lead generation for the full service agency. We built lists, email copy and managed the campaigns. As leads became interested in the offering we passed them over to the founders so they could build a face to the relationship, make the pitch and close the deal.

  • 50 leads contacted per day
  • 100% increase in annual sales revenue
  • ¬†5 appointments booked per week with¬† an average deal value of $5.7K
  • 2.5x ROI