Outbound sales funnel: Dev Shop

The dev shop came to us needing leads and a system to spark conversations outside of in-person networking events.

They had an incredible track record with projects they had been part of, but they had run into challenges filling their funnel unless face to face with a prospect or from a referral


  • Develop an outbound sales strategy independent of in-person networking
  • Generate a hyper-targeted lead list with verified contact information
  • Book qualified sales appointments
  • Increase services sales

Optimized campaign results

  • 1320 leads per month
  • Weekly copy and subject line A/B tests
  •  4 qualified appointments booked per week with a potential deal value between $50-100k
A common mistake in marketing is that even though an email, SEO or Facebook Ad strategy is applicable to multiple types and sizes of business the strategy and application for each must be tailored.
A/B testing was conducted to find the best performing subject lines, message copy CTAs and decision makers. These tests were conducted weekly until success metrics were found
This campaign was successful because we targeted the right decision makers and got opens because the lists and messaging in each email was highly targeted and specific to the exact types of companies/recipients.