You Made It & No One Bought It. What Now?


If you’ve ever created an online course or digital product, you get it.

The work that goes into these things is just insane. Not to mention the money. It’s a cumulation of your experience, successes, failures, and passion.

But it happens more often than not – we create these incredible resources.


And then no one buys it.


Why? Sure, it’s possible that you missed the mark. It’s possible that your product or course totally sucks and no one wants it. But because I know how amazing you truly are, let’s assume that’s not the case.

The more likely scenario here is that you missed the crucial steps in creating a community, building authority, providing free value, and creating urgency.

But here’s the kicker – before you even get to all that, there’s something you need to do first. And that little thing, that is often tragically overlooked, is called market and audience research.



Let me explain.

This really comes down to what consumers need and want before they are willing to make a purchase. Having an incredible product or course just isn’t enough.

You need to figure out what people need, and then follow some steps if you want to build to a place where people will buy from you.


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Start with your research

I’ll have to dig a bit deeper into this subject because there is just too much to cover in one post here. But my point is that there is no need to go in blind. Before you invest all your money into something you think people will want, you must VALIDATE through real-life research and explore what market research is available to you.

For example – if you put up a landing page with your idea, would people sign up to get on the waiting list? Would they offer a deposit to hold their spot for when your course opens for registration? If not, you may have missed the mark. Always start here and get market validation before wasting all your resources creating something that people aren’t willing to buy.

Once you’ve done your audience and market research, the process of building trust and authority – and positioning yourself to be able to sell digital products – can be broken down into 4 categories.



If you want something to happen, you need to create it. You need to make a goal, own it, and create a solid strategy that you can execute. If you want to sell a specific course, that’s your goal. How can you work backward to create steps to get you there? What will be required to achieve your goals? You need a 12-month plan to reach your goals, and a 30 and 90-day plan that will get you on track to meet that ultimate goal.



Everything comes down to content and storytelling in today’s marketing landscape. We live in a world where content is what sells. Consumers want to be in control, educated, and empowered. They want to search for things on their own terms and make their own decisions. The need for online content is relentless and that is not going to change any time soon. If you want to be seen as someone who is valuable, trustworthy and worth paying attention to, it’s going to start with having the right content.


Your systems are all the small processes, automations, and programs you employ to create a comprehensive system that will move you towards your goals.

A major component of selling anything online today will be a sales funnel. But this is so much more than that. How can people book time with you online? How do you send contracts for 1:1 work, or build your email list, so you can send people down that sales funnel?

There are countless moving pieces that can either work for you or against you. They can waste your time, or save it. With the right systems and processes in place, you can achieve an optimal balance of automating pieces that shouldn’t require your time or energy, so you have more time for crucial things like relationship-building.

Relationship building

Last, but certainly not least, comes the human element to all of this. This is something many people are uncomfortable with. We want to earn passive income while we hide behind our computers. We don’t want to bother people. We just want to have some Facebook ads running on auto-pilot and sell that way.

The point here is that while paid sources are a fantastic way to augment and support your sales and list building efforts, they will NEVER replace the requirement for relationship building and human contact.

You’ve got to make connecting with people part of your overall strategy. This is how you will build the like, know, and trust factor – something that only comes from real people having real experiences.



So you created an online course or digital product, and no one is buying it. What now?


The good news is that it’s not too late. You just need to start with a strategy that will create the foundation you need to be able to sell what you create online.

It’s time to take a breath, stop pushing for sales, and start focusing on the long-term goals and action items to get you there.



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