Why People Unsubscribing From Your Email List Isn’t A Bad Thing

I used to shed a tear every time someone clicked the dreaded “Unsubscribe” button. Last week, I had 3 people unsubscribe within seconds of each other. Before, something like this would have totally shaken my confidence and made me seriously question whether I should be sending out emails at all.

Does this still bother you? It shouldn’t, and here’s why.

In my experience, people typically unsubscribe for two main reasons.

#1. Your content sucks. You’re sending out stuff they either don’t want or don’t care about. This is definitely a possibility, but if you’ve done your homework to get feedback from your ideal audience, have established product-market fit, and are sending out information that you know these people find valuable, this isn’t your problem. If you haven’t gone through these crucial steps, it’s time to hit the pause button and get help from an expert, like Sled Dog Media.


But … the more probable reason people unsubscribe is this:

#2. They were not your ideal customers and were never going to work with you or buy fro you anyway. And this may seem harsh, but it’s the truth! There are countless people out there who are gobbling up as much free content as possible. They download every freebie, with the best of intentions.

But these people are not your ideal audience. They are simply looking for something for free, and will never send a penny your way, regardless of how much FREE value you send their way.

You don’t want these people on your list anyway. They’re just taking up space, costing you money, and skewing your results.

The only thing that really matters here are the people who are engaged.



The lesson here?

Don’t get caught up with vanity metrics like how many people you have on your list. It’s about quality, not quantity.

If people aren’t going to eventually buy from you, you don’t want them on your list. This is a mindset shift we all need to make when it comes to email marketing.


Email marketing is about providing value, building relationships, and eventually working together.


If someone isn’t aligned with what you’re about, there is zero value in continuing to send them emails.

Email marketing is about the long game. It’s about providing the type of value people expect to pay for. It’s about giving your ideal customer what they need, so they trust you. Because until they decide they trust you, they will never be willing to open their wallet.

So next time someone hits the unsubscribe button, don’t panic – instead, check out your analytics. Put some thought into why this may be happening, and use it to improve. Be grateful for your subscribers, and focus on giving them what they need.

And how do you give people what they need? It starts with asking them.




This was originally, in part, published on malamax.com

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