Why Outbound & Inbound Marketing Work Together

Inbound marketing is about attracting, empowering, and educating your potential customers.


It’s about creating relationships long before your leads ever invest a dollar with you, and positioning yourself, or your company, as the trusted industry expert. This way, when the consumer is finally ready to make that purchase, you are the obvious answer.


Historically, businesses have invested in outbound marketing.

These are your traditional and interruptive modes of advertising. Today? Consumers are in the driver’s seat. They are the ones seeking out information, rather than sitting back and allowing companies to shout their messages.
But here’s the catch. Outbound marketing still works and it’s an insanely effective lead generation tool. The problem is that countless businesses are picking either-or. They’re either investing in outbound or inbound and not understanding the connection between the two.
For example, when a consumer is considering making a purchase, they embark on their own unique research project. This may include various searches on Google from their laptop, reading online reviews from their Smartphone, checking out the company’s blog on their tablet, and seeing what their friends on Facebook have to say about the company. Whenever and where ever your customer happens to be searching for information, you want to be there. Your business must be there in a helpful, problem-solving way to truly deliver what the customer is looking for.

But what if they haven’t started searching yet? What if your email triggers them to start seriously considering something new?


And this is where outbound marketing can fail. Because even when you’ve successfully pushed someone to act and start considering your proposition, what’s the first thing they’re going to do? They’re going to Google, check out your website, and probably ask around. They’re taking the exact same approach as above when we were talking about inbound marketing.

Today’s consumers want to be educated.

They want to find answers to their questions and find products and services that solve their problems. Whether it was their own idea or your outbound efforts that triggered them to start considering, their actions will be the same. They will begin to look for content to answer their questions.

If you want your outbound strategy to work, you’ve got to support it with the right strategy and content.



This was originally, in part, published on malamax.com

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