Our system will solve your sales problem. Using a multi-channel approach, we will take qualified leads from the awareness stage to full-on product and service adoption. We will develop a strategy that builds trust and provides value first, and then swoop in for the sale. 


The first step is getting your Game Plan Audit

Here’s how it works:


Would you believe that you can achieve 466% more marketing success from audience research? Guessing what your audience wants doesn’t work — but ongoing audience research can result in nearly 5x the success, so that’s exactly where we’re going to start. 

Everything starts with understanding your ideal customer. If we don’t know what they want and need, we won’t be able to give it to them. We begin with research and data gathering, and if you choose to partner with us to execute your Game Plan Audit, we will then continue to collect and analyze data as we work together to repeatedly optimize and improve your marketing and sales results. 


You know your business better than anyone, and it’s time we showed that to your ideal audience. Marketing and content creation is no longer about speaking to the masses and hoping something sticks. Today’s consumers are in the driver’s seat and they have some pretty high expectations. They want to do business with companies they trust, and the only way to gain trust is to show your value before asking for that sale. 

Your Game Plan Audit will include a roadmap that shows you how to position yourself as the expert through strategic content creation and placement — a.k.a. a comprehensive marketing strategy — which will facilitate moving cold prospects along that journey toward becoming warm leads. 


Now that you’ve become present in your target audience’s space and have done the work to build trust, it’s time to ask for the sale — you’ve earned it. Asking for the sale too early is all too common, and if you don’t do the pre-work to build trust and provide value, your direct sales attempts will do nothing more than limp along. 

Using our proprietary tested and true process to send personalized outreach emails to your prospects, we will continue to target your prospects who have now been moved from cold to warm leads. Your sales pipeline will be filled on auto-pilot with prospects who are not only your ideal clients but have already decided you have something valuable to offer. 




Sled Dog Media was built on the belief that in order to achieve true scalability, marketing and sales must be attacked as one cohesive unit. While most marketing companies and departments treat sales as its own entity, Sled Dog recognizes that both must work together in order to truly impact revenue. 

If you can attract customers with marketing — but you can’t close the deal — your efforts have been wasted. We will be with you throughout the entire process to ensure that leads are not only acquired but that those deals are closed. 

We are a small, remote firm that believes in staying agile so that we can keep your costs down and have the flexibility to move quickly with market and consumer trends. 

Meet your executive team:

Mike Mierz | CEO & Founder 

Mike has been in sales in marketing for the last 8 years. In 2015, he began consulting in startups and technology. This lead to the founding of Sled Dog Media and the formation of a company dedicated to helping tech companies and marketing agencies unite sales and marketing, with the objective of improving client acquisition. 

Mike is passionate about B2B sales, creating social change through technology, and as a Bay Area native, a Golden State Warriors fanatic. Currently residing in Denver, Colorado, this is a bit of a problem at times. You can connect with Mike on LinkedIn here

Alex Morrison | COO & Partner

Alex began her career in sales 15 years ago and transitioned into digital marketing consulting in 2011. As a salesperson turned marketer, she quickly recognized that many companies struggled with both aspects in scaling their businesses, but often neglected to approach the two areas with a cohesive plan. Through her work as an independent marketing consultant, Alex’s passion for writing naturally pushed her into the world of email and content marketing. 

She resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada, eh!) with her family. You can connect with Alex on LinkedIn here



Game Plan Audit

All clients start with a comprehensive marketing and sales audit, so we can create your roadmap for sales success.


Our team builds you hyper-targeted lead lists from scratch. We source verified contact information to ensure quality prospecting.

Outbound Strategy

Based on your marketing plan, we will execute on a targeted outbound strategy to your ideal audience, touching them on multiple platforms.

Campaign management

Our team combines automation with a human touch. We will manage every aspect of your campaigns from start to finish.

TESTING & optimizing

There’s no such thing as a “set it and forget it” campaign. We monitor results, run A/B tests, and continually work to optimize your results. Iteration never stops.

Email marketing

Whether it’s cold outreach, nurturing, or onboarding, we can manage all aspects of your email marketing needs.


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